How Much Can You Earn by Selling Put Options?

Buy low, sell high. This adage is the usual mantra of stock market investors, and in most cases, it works. But what if there was a way to generate a profit when a stock’s share price dips? Can you make a profit from a company’s collapse? Market strategists have devised ways of generating income by…


Stock Puts: How Do You Use Them for Options Trading?

Like any investment strategy, options trading is about finding a balance between risks and rewards. At its simplest, an option is a contract linked to specific securities (e.g., stocks or bonds), granting you the right to buy or sell those securities on a particular date for a specific price.  The two basic contracts used in…


Play the Long Game: The Best Buy-and-Hold Stocks of 2021

Buying and selling stocks for short-term gains can be a worthy goal for many investors, but there can be far greater value in playing the long game. Adopting a buy-and-hold strategy can generate significant profit if your stock picks increase in value over time.  But like any other investment, this strategy requires careful planning and…


Hacker’s Beware! | From the Mind of the Gorilla

If you’re reading this – you’ve got an online presence… Which is essential in the 21st century if you want to have the ability to function. The internet has become such an integral part of our lives – that there is almost no aspect that isn’t affected by its existence. It has changed everything… Including…


In the Know: The Best Stock Research Sites of 2021

What’s the difference between investing and gambling? In both cases, you’re seeking to gain money in the face of uncertainty. However, there’s a crucial difference. Investors base their decision on careful research and strategy, wisely making stock selections by relying on the best available data. That’s a far cry from simply “playing the odds.” Every…


How Are Stocks Taxed? Understanding Capital Gains

As an investor, you spend a lot of time carefully researching and planning your investments. Play your cards right, and you stand to generate significant profits from your stock portfolio. But like any income you receive, you’ll have to pay taxes. How are stocks taxed? Our quick guide will explain stock market taxation guidelines so…


Apple Takes Its Medicine | From the Mind of the Gorilla

When you’re one of only two games in town – you get to make up a LOT of rules as you go along… And while Apple (AAPL) didn’t invent the smartphone – there’s no denying that it definitely kicked the industry into overdrive when it released its wildly successful iPhone. Before the iPhone – there…


Dividend Tax Rate 101: How Are Dividends Taxed?

Dividends offer investors a form of passive income, and this income must be taxed like any other. But paying taxes on dividends can be tricky because the taxes on dividends depend on several factors, including: The type of dividend Your taxable income Your filing status To help you navigate these factors, we’ve prepared this helpful…


You Ask, I Answer | How to Use the GorillaTrades System for Any Size Portfolio | Gorilla Trades

GorillaTrades’ Founder and CEO, Ken Berman, takes the time to personally address a subscriber’s question in this brief video. The Gorilla addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of providing GorillaTrades subscribers with a better understanding of the system, and ultimately, improving their overall returns. There are new features being added constantly, and this is just one of…