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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Individual Stocks

Many stockbrokers recommend that clients invest in mutual funds, ETFs, or other vehicles that contain a range of stocks or other assets. But some investors have their sights set on a particular company. Is there value to investing in individual stocks, or is it better to stick to the tried-and-true method of investing in a…


Getting the Greatest Gain: How Do You Create a Growth Portfolio?

Investors often pursue many different goals, but earning money over time is certainly among their top priorities. To achieve the greatest return on your investments, you’ll need to build and maintain a growth portfolio, but how do you create a growth portfolio in the first place, and how do you find the right balance between…


Does Toyota Dream Of Electric Sheep? | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  Are you a science fiction fan? The Gorilla dabbles a little bit… I grew up in the time of Star Wars and Star Trek – but leaned more toward the darker edge of the genre. One of my favorites was Blade Runner – where Harrison Ford hunted down human-like robots before they killed people. It was very stylistic… But the…


Feed Your Inbox: What Is the #1 Ranked Investment Newsletter?

The best investment decisions are made with the right data. Investment newsletters offer investors up-to-the-minute information about the state of the market and provide tips on what companies to invest in. What is the #1 ranked investment newsletter, you ask? This guide will introduce you to the all-around best pick and review some of the…


Buckle Up, Folks… | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  Man… Whenever I hear those words – I always prepare for the worst. However, I need to stop doing that – because sometimes – buckling up is just for the safety’s sake… Nothing bad is going to happen – we’re just going to have a rougher ride. That doesn’t mean bad… In fact, depending…


Your Guide to Pitching a Stock

Investments aren’t always made solo. Occasionally, you may be asked to pitch a stock to someone else — perhaps at a networking event or an interview with a hedge fund. But what’s involved in pitching a stock? This guide will show you how to prepare a stock pitch and give you some ideas on how…


Have A Coke And A Smile | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  Have you ever seen the show Mad Men? It was one of the Gorilla’s FAVORITES a few years ago… It followed a fictitious Madison Avenue ad agency in the 1960’s – with the main character being a charismatic enigma of a genius. Sure, he was a womanizer – but it was a different time…


How Does China Keep Doing It? | From the Mind of the Gorilla

Man… China seems to keep winning – doesn’t it? It’s like every time it turns around – it’s making some new deal with another country… And all of it seems to be coming at the expense of the American dollar. Still… It’s impressive to see China rebound like it has since COVID. Sure, it had…


The Best High-Risk Stocks of 2023

Fortune favors the bold. At least, that’s the thinking behind investing in high-risk stocks. Aggressive investors chase after these companies in the hopes of reaping the rewards when the stock price soars. If you’re looking to give your investment portfolio a shot in the arm, this post can guide you through what you need to…


Elon’s NeXt Big Move | From the Mind of the Gorilla

  You know, I always tell you guys that I don’t like puns… Yet, I continue to use them – like in the title of this article. Oh well, let’s get into this week’s juicy conversation… It seems that Elon is inching ever closer toward his vision of an “everything app” – a place where…