How to Get Through a Crazy Stock Market

Throughout its existence, most of the time, the stock market has been a mild-mannered, well-behaved, clinically sane house pet. Other times, it’s been crazier than a dog in a hubcap factory. Wild market fluctuations — whether they’re up or down — can send shareholders into a tizzy. They produce elation in fear in massive waves…


PLUG In… Before It’s Too Late! | From the Mind of the Gorilla

Puns.I know, I’m terrible at them…But sometimes they’re so good I can’t help myself, and really just don’t have the ability to fight the urge to use them.However, while puns can be terrible – this one is GREAT – as it could lead to a profit opportunity unlike anything else on Wall Street.In the wake…


How Much is the Stock Market Worth?

Most investors are only concerned with the holdings in their own portfolios. That stands to reason: It’s their money they’re dealing with. There seems to be little need to consider what’s going on in commodities they don’t own and aren’t interested in. But the scope of the stock market and how much it affects everyday…


Where is the World’s Oldest Stock Exchange?

Stock trading in some form has been around for over 500 years. Once reserved for rich investors and institutions, it’s opened up to public and retail investors of all means and types. But who got there first? In this post, we’ll take a look at the ten oldest stock exchanges in the world, all of…


When is Earning Season and What Does It Mean?

Once every quarter, investors in the stock market feel a communal tingle at the base of their spines. Their inner alarm clocks go off, their pulses race, their smartphone notifications go haywire, and their conferencing software throbs. Health and tech issues notwithstanding, that can only mean one thing:  It’s almost earnings season. When does earnings…


What’s Going On With General Motors?

It’s getting crazy out there…           Aren’t you glad you have a sane voice of reason like the Gorilla to help you sort through all the madness? If you’ve been trading consistently over the past, say 40 to 50 years, then you know that the market, stocks and the financial world tend to operate under a set…


Take the Money and Run: Stock Exit Strategies

Stock tips are, more often than not, based on entry points. You find a commodity that looks promising, you decide to invest, and you buy in. If you’re a passive investor, you intend to hold onto the stock and watch the profits grow. If you’re more active, you intend to hold onto the stock for…


How to Trade Earnings Season

Every three months for about six weeks, the stock market goes through a series of fluctuations that are fueled by ecstasy and disappointment. Investors hover over their computer monitors, watching and listening for cues to enter or leave certain stock positions. Some of them pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Others…


Finding the Best Trading Platform for Beginners

It’s never been easier for new investors to enter the stock market. Beginners have tons of financial websites, programs, and mobile apps at their disposal. Settling on one that will usher you through the first stages of your investment career can be a challenge. In this post, we’ll help you understand what to look for…


Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

If you don’t get the reference that the title of his article is referring to… You may want to stop reading now – as you may have been living under a rock for the past 86 years. Yes, it’s the famous line when you get sent to jail while playing the game Monopoly – which…