Dip, Baby… Dip | From the Mind of the Gorilla

Dip, baby, dip… No, we’re not revisiting the 80’s and some of its dance club music – we’re talking about investing in a company at the right time. There are a few windows investors look for when thinking about buying a stock, but they’re not always as simple as waiting or even knowing the right time…


20 of the Best Stock Market Podcasts and Books

Whether you get your information from the printed page or earbuds, you have a wealth of it when it comes to wealth. New investing podcasts are seemingly created every day. And the best investing books of all time have shaped and steered the market for the better for years. We’ve collected 20 of our favorite…


Breaking into the Stock Market: First-Time Investor Tips

Anyone can win in the stock market. We firmly believe this. No matter what their background, their occupation, their schedule, or even their wealth might look like right now, everyone can do it. The potential for profit on the stock market is open to everyone. Of course, we understand that it can be intimidating. With…

high risk investments with high rewards

5 Types of High-Risk Investments That Can Offer High Rewards

Every single financial investment involves some element of risk. Whether it’s a startup stock share, a mutual fund, a new car, or a pack of chewing gum, you always risk losing your investment. (Or just not liking the gum.) That said, some securities are considered riskier than others. These types of high-risk investments may be…

how do i sell stock in a private company

How to Sell Stock in a Private Company

Your employer’s in an awfully good mood lately. It’s a small company, but it’s thriving. Everyone’s worked hard to strengthen its position in the marketplace. The leaders would like to reward you and your cohorts for your loyal help. So they give you a stake in their private company: They give you stock shares (or…

who owns the stock market

Who Owns the Stock Market?

The stock market has held a hovering, abstract presence in most of our lives. There have been times when we’ve struggled to define it. Its complexities are several. Its inner workings are puzzling to many. But it’s had an enormous impact on the economy and shape of the world. The stock market is utilized as…


You Ask, I Answer | Where Can I Find the Best Trading Information in the Gorilla Trades Site? | Gorilla Trades

GorillaTrades’ Founder and CEO, Ken Berman, takes the time to personally address a subscriber’s question in this brief video. The Gorilla addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of providing GorillaTrades subscribers with a better understanding of the system, and ultimately, improving their overall returns. There are new features being added constantly, and this is just one of…

what are swing trade strategies

Understanding Swing Trading Strategies

The stock market is a flexible financial instrument. Investors can profit from it in several different ways. One method that’s been gaining traction with the rise of retail investing is swing trading. With the right swing trading strategies, investors can realize a series of small to medium gains in shorter amounts of time. Swing trading…