What is the average stock market return

What is the average stock market return, and how can you use it?

Modern investors have tons of data points to consider when making their moves on the stock market. One of the most pertinent is the average rate of return on stocks — how much a given commodity’s value increases on a year-to-year basis. The stock market average return says a lot about the overall health and…


You Ask, I Answer | How To Use The Information in Our Nightly Email | Gorilla Trades

GorillaTrades’ Founder and CEO, Ken Berman, takes the time to personally address a subscriber’s question in this brief video. The Gorilla addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of providing GorillaTrades subscribers with a better understanding of the system, and ultimately, improving their overall returns. There are new features being added constantly, and this…


Volatile Week to Go Down in History | State of the Stock Market

State of the Stock Market Analysis for the Week Ending on  February 7th Volatile Week to Go Down in History | State of the Stock Market 2-7-21 Following a volatile week that will certainly go down in history because of the Reddit-fueled short squeeze in names like GameStop (GME) and AMC (AMC), stocks staged a…

Why is the stock market going up?

Why is the stock market going up? Here are some traditional and current reasons.

In the past year, the American economy has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Americans have suffered from losses in income due to layoffs or furloughs. The nation’s gross national product plummeted in the spring and summer of 2020. Businesses–especially small, local ones– are closing or going bankrupt in alarming numbers. Yet through…


Stock Market Forecast For 2021: What investment experts are predicting

Stock market predictions are a risky business. While financial experts are more attuned than ever to the shifting global economy and the way that it affects investors, no projection is ever a sure thing. That was especially true in 2020. When experts made their annual stock market predictions toward the end of 2019, the full…