Best Investing Apps for Beginners

The stock market can sometimes seem daunting, even to seasoned investors. But for beginners, investing can present real challenges. That’s why many beginners start their investment journey right from their smartphone or tablet.  Investment apps allow you to research stocks, invest money, and track your progress, all without ever leaving your couch! So how do…


Index Funds: How Do They Work?

Looking for a little investment advice? You couldn’t do any better than Warren Buffet, one of the most well-known and well-respected investors of our time. Warren Buffet recommends that everyday investors take advantage of index funds.  These low-cost, low-risk financial vehicles can be perfect for the average investor. Even seasoned experts can make index funds…


Science Fiction Become Science FACT | From the Mind of the Gorilla

It’s almost scary thinking about how fast that technology has advanced over the past 50 years. The smartphone that you may or may not be reading this on is 1000 times more advanced than the technology on any of the Apollo spacecraft. It seems like in the blink of an eye – we’ve gone from…


The Investor’s Guide: What Are Dividends?

Everybody loves a bonus. Investing in stocks can pay off long-term, but in the short-term, investors can expect to receive stock dividends paid on a per-share basis.  Some analysts believe that as our economy improves, more companies will be offering dividends, which means that investors can expect to see more money in their hands.  Sounds…


How Can Volatility in Stocks Impact My Investments?

When the economy reopened after the pandemic, the stock market rebounded with a period of sustained growth. But industry experts now caution that concerns about inflation and a new COVID-19 variant could push us into a period of instability. If this happens, we can expect the growth we’ve seen in the market to be replaced…


Buy The Rumor… Sell The News?

“Buy the rumor… sell the fact.” This adage has been used in the trading world since the dawn of the markets… But how accurate is it? There have been instances where the rumor has played against investors – where they wind up losing money based on the “rumor”… However, most of that lost money comes…


How Old Do You Have to Be to Invest in Stocks?

During high school, many teenagers are encouraged to come up with a 5-year plan, outlining where they see themselves after graduation and beyond. For many of them, this plan includes college, a stable job, and possibly starting a family.  But young people aren’t exactly known for thinking about investment strategies. According to data published in…


What’s in a Name: Difference Between Stock and Share

The terms “stock” and “share” are used so commonly that they seem to refer to the same thing. Even popular news and magazine articles may occasionally be found guilty of treating the terms as synonyms. For example, an article in Forbes lists the top 10 most expensive stocks in America, but each of the ten…


You Ask, I Answer | The Most Effective Way to Use The Nightly Email | Gorilla Trades

GorillaTrades’ Founder and CEO, Ken Berman, takes the time to personally address a subscriber’s question in this brief video. The Gorilla addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of providing GorillaTrades subscribers with a better understanding of the system, and ultimately, improving their overall returns. There are new features being added constantly, and this is just one of…


Stock Order Types

Thinking of investing in the stock market? For first-time investors, the process can seem daunting. Not only does investment require careful planning and research, but the actual purchase of stocks isn’t as simple as clicking a button.  It’s essential that investors understand the different stock order types available today. According to research published in Forbes,…