Why You Need to Diversify Your Stock Portfolio

How diverse is your portfolio? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone! According to a 2019 survey published by CNBC, only 42% of today’s investors actively ensure that their investment portfolio is diversified. More surprisingly, roughly one in four investors say that they’re not sure what investment diversification even means. This only points to the…


Disney On FIRE! | From the Mind of the Gorilla

Bet that got your attention… But when I say Disney is on fire – I don’t mean the happiest place on earth – I’m talking about the company’s stock: DIS The House that the Mouse built is KILLING it… But do you understand why? More importantly… How long is this good turn going to last?…


Do Investments Follow the Crowd? Understanding Market Sentiment Indicators

Understanding the stock market demands more than just mathematics. Wise investors also have to understand human behavior. More specifically, it’s important to understand how market sentiment impacts the stock market. What does sentiment mean in stocks? What are some of the most common stock market sentiment indicators? Read on, and we’ll help you understand more…


Fractional Share Investing: Should You Wade In or Take the Plunge?

Diversify, diversify, diversify. That’s been the motto of countless investment strategists for years—and for good reason. But unless you’re a high-end investor, you may find it difficult to purchase a full portfolio of stocks, especially if you opt to invest in high-performing ones like Tesla or Apple.  In this case, fractional shares can be helpful.…


When Traders Go Public | From the Mind of the Gorilla

When online trading platform, Robinhood (HOOD) made the announcement that it was going public – a lot of people raised an eyebrow. It just seemed weird for a trading platform to go public… As many saw it as a sort of conflict of interest – as users of Robinhood might feel “forced” to buy shares…


You Ask, I Answer | Stock Limits on Portfolios | Gorilla Trades

GorillaTrades’ Founder and CEO, Ken Berman, takes the time to personally address a subscriber’s question in this brief video. The Gorilla addresses a variety of topics, with the goal of providing GorillaTrades subscribers with a better understanding of the system, and ultimately, improving their overall returns. There are new features being added constantly, and this is just one of…


Could Pfizer Stock Give Your Portfolio a Shot in the Arm?

The recent COVID vaccine has thrust the Pfizer corporation into the public limelight, though the company is hardly the new kid on the block. Pfizer is already known for their biotech and medical innovations, and their stock may be found in many pharmaceutical and dividend portfolios.  But individual investors may be wondering: Is Pfizer a…


Investor’s Guide: How to Buy Coinbase Stock

It’s official! As of April 14, 2021, Coinbase (COIN) has gone public. This U.S. cryptocurrency exchange opened at $381 per share on the Nasdaq stock exchange, making it the first pure-play cryptocurrency company to appear on a U.S. stock exchange. If you’re an investor, you might consider investing in Coinbase. But there are a few…


Investor Ethics: The Best ESG Stocks of 2021

Today’s investors are often as concerned about a company’s ethics as their bottom line. Environmental, social governance (ESG) standards are transforming the face of corporate America, as many shareholders celebrate a company’s commitment to responsible management. But what are ESG stocks? Why should you consider investing in them? In this article, we’ll take a closer…